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One of our goals is help
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Life is about giving and sharing
with others just like Jesus did.

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With the COVID 19 Lockdown, please go to the relevant Services to see how you can join in and be a part of an online service.

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"At Mosaic Baptist Church our vision is for people to love and experience God and to love others completely."

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Mark Beresford - March 21, 2021

Jesus and Psalm 118

As we lead up to Easter we will begin to consider some of the Psalms that Jesus prays or cites in the gospels. Matthew 118 is one of these (see Matthew 21:42). The image of the 'stone the builders rejected' is a powerful one for Jesus to use as he appraoahes the cross and answers the Pharisees. In many ways Psalm 118 is a prayer of thanks, praise, and blessing. In Jesus hands it becomes a warning to the religious leaders that they are missing the activity of God in Jesus. Psalm 118/Matthew 21

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Friday Update

As you can appreciate, COVID 19 has thrown us a curve ball so find below a summary of things happening at Mosaic All Sunday Services cancelled until further notice, make sure you view the video below from the Acting Senior Pastor - Andrew … [Read More...] about Friday Update