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"At Mosaic Baptist Church our vision is empowering ordinary people for God's extraordinary mission."

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James Ramsay - April 2, 2023

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday traditionally ushers in Easter Week. On it we remember the fulfilled prediction of Zechariah as Jesus entered Jerusalem on the beast of humility, a donkey. Many great leaders would have entered through these gates in pomp and ceremony riding magnificent war horses. For Jesus to ride a donkey’s colt says something of his purpose for being here. For the ordinary people who have accompanied Jesus to introduce him this way speaks of their political expectations for Jesus. For Jesus to choose such an animal speaks of the distinctly humble expectations Jesus has for his time in Jerusalem. They are here to crown him king. Jesus is here to suffer, die, and rise. They are right to celebrate his arrival, they just have little understanding of what this Jesus is really here for. Matt 21:1-11

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