Privacy Policy


Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Act) Mosaic Baptist Church (Mosaic) is currently a small business operator, and therefore not bound by the Act. Notwithstanding this, Mosaic is committed to maintaining an environment and processes that protect the privacy of individuals associated with our church. We have chosen to protect your privacy and manage your information in a manner consistent with the Privacy Act and the APPs.

This policy sets out how we will collect, use, and disclose your personal information.

Mosaic Baptist Church may update or amend this policy from time to time to cover any changes in law, practice or policy.

Why we collect personal information

Mosaic Baptist Church (Mosaic) collects personal information about people during the course of their association with the church, primarily for administration, duty of care and pastoral care, and in support of achieving our objectives as a community of faith.
The strategic objectives of Mosaic include:

• Creating a culture that encourages people to grow in their experience of God; Expressing love in practical ways to people in      our community, our nation and our world;
• Having the people of each congregation use their diverse gifts and abilities to contribute to achieving its vision and goals;
• Intentionally exploring opportunities to launch new congregations;
• Providing regional leadership by working with and equipping churches in our area to advance the kingdom of God.

We collect information about people to allow us to communicate with them, share details about our activities, promote the gospel, our activities and ministries, care for, pray for, and provide ministry and service to them.

Some of the information collected is to satisfy our legal obligations, particularly to enable us to discharge our duty of care with vulnerable people and children, or otherwise required for compliance and regulatory purposes.

The types of information we collect

The types of personal information we collect include:

• contact details (name, address, telephone numbers, email, etc);
• educational qualifications, profession or occupation;
• complaint details;
• donation history;
• credit card and/or bank account details;
• images and recordings of your involvement in our activities.

The types of sensitive information we collect may include records of communication between us, which may include from time to time, information you provide us or we collect from others. This may include, but is not limited to, the following types of information:

• race and ethnic origin;
• health information;
• religious information (including attendance, images and recordings of your involvement and attendance; denominational       details, statements of belief);
• checks and records that are pre-requisite for your role(s) at Mosaic – such as checks for working with vulnerable people,          first aid certificate, food processing certificate, etc.

How we collect your information

We may collect information from you either directly or from third parties, by formal or informal means. We collect personal information about attendees, members, donors, volunteers, employees, contractors and visitors to our services, activities and events. We collect your information in the following ways:

• face to face contact;
• electronically including through our website and online surveys;
• via social media messages or conversation;
• during phone calls;
• voice or image recordings;
• whilst delivering and administering services at our facilities or other facilities;
• and from forms and other correspondence (both in writing and electronically).

How we use your information

On occasions, personal information will be published in the church roll, church directory, weekly bulletins, newsletters, rosters, magazines, minutes of meetings, training programs and prayer requests.
Mosaic may from time to time record video or images of its services and activities. These videos and images of the people attending or participating in these services and activities may be recorded, used and shown for information, ministry, teaching, fundraising and/or promotional purposes. By attending these services and activities, you agree and give your consent to Mosaic with regard to the video and image recording and using your images in these recordings for such purposes.

We want to celebrate the activities of children in the life of our church. We will use images of their activities from time to time in internal communications and promotional material. If you do not want images of your child to be taken or used for internal purposes you can request this not occur.

We acknowledge the sensitivity regarding the broader publication of images of children to the community at large. We will only use images of children involved in our church activities in the community at large with parental consent.

Personal information may be accessed and used by the Church or Baptist Association of NSW and ACT to analyse trends and statistical reports for use in developing programs and management of the churches of NSW and ACT as a whole. This information will either be given directly by you with consent, or by us in a form that de-identifies individuals.

Who may we disclose your information to

We may disclose your personal information to the following groups:

• other Baptist Churches and Baptist affiliated organisations;
• insurance companies and insurance related entities e.g. claims providers, insurers etc;
• auditors;
• the community at large by way of images in promotional material;
• anyone you authorised; or
• anyone to whom we are required to by law.

Sensitive information

We will only use or disclose sensitive information for the purpose for which we collected it, or for a directly related secondary purpose, unless you give your consent to another use, or we are required or permitted by law to use or disclose the sensitive information.

Health information

As part of our activities we may collect health information (such as your medical history to determine your eligibility to participate in certain initiatives or assist with ensuring your wellbeing).

When collecting health information from you, we will obtain your consent to such collection and explain how the information will be used and disclosed. If health information is collected from a third party (such as from your doctor), we will inform you that this information has been collected and will explain how this information will be used and disclosed.

We will not use health information beyond the consent provided by you, unless your further consent is obtained or in accordance with one of the exceptions under the Privacy Act or in accordance with another applicable law.

If we use your health information for research or statistical purposes, it will be de-identified if practicable to do so.

How to access or correct your individual information

Your individual information can be accessed by contacting the Office Manager by writing to:

PO Box 4178
Hawker ACT 2614
Phone : 02 6254 6565

Also, if you believe that a correction is required, please contact us.

Complaints about a breach of your privacy

If you believe the management of your personal information is inconsistent with the Australia Privacy Principles a complaint can be made to the Office Manager in writing and addressed to:
PO Box 4178
Hawker ACT 2614
Phone : 02 6254 6565

We will keep you updated on the progress of correcting the breach. Mosaic will investigate the complaint and will notify the individual of its decision and any action taken as soon as possible.

Opt Out

Whenever you are sent promotional and fundraising information by post, email or telephone, you will also be provided with an opportunity to opt-out from receiving such material.

How we keep your information secure

We take reasonable steps to ensure the security of personal and sensitive information we hold and to protect it against loss, misuse or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure.

Information is kept in our database or filed as forms. These are kept in secure premises. All file and papers containing private information are disposed of securely. Our staff are trained on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the principles of the Privacy Act.

If we become aware of any unauthorised access or disclosure of your personal information we will advise you.


It is your right to be dealt with anonymously, provided that is it lawful and practicable. We will try to accommodate a request for anonymity wherever possible, however we note that in some circumstances, this may prevent us from practically and effectively communicating with you. If this is the case we will notify you.

Overseas Recipients

We may disclose personal information to an overseas recipient, for example, to facilitate cross cultural mission as part of Mosaic’s activities. We will not send personal information overseas without:

• obtaining the consent of the individual (which may be implied);
• otherwise complying with the Australian Privacy Principles.

The Church may also store personal information in the ‘cloud’ which may mean the information is stored on servers overseas.

Cookies and links to other websites

When you visit the Mosaic website a record of your visit is logged. The following data is supplied by your browser:
• Your IP address and/or domain name;
• Your operating system (type of browser and platform);
• The date, time and length of your visit to the website; and
• The resources you accessed and the documents you downloaded.
This information is used to compile statistical information about the use of our website. It is not used for any other purpose. If you do not want ‘cookies’ to be used please adjust your browser settings to disable them.

Our website may contain links to third party websites, and third party websites may also have links to our website.
Our privacy policy does not apply to external links or other websites. The operators of other websites may collect your personal information.
We encourage you to read the privacy policies of any website you link to from our website.
This policy has been approved by the Mosaic Church Board.


Mosaic Board Chair: Philippa de Veau
Date: 27 November 2016