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Phil Waugh - March 24, 2024

Embracing Suffering

Reading: John 12:12-36 Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is the culmination of his determination to voluntarily, obediently, and intentionally go toward the very place where he will suffer, die and rise. Jesus clearly knows this is his path and heads toward Jerusalem and all that awaits him. Our reading briefly gives an account of his arrival, the humility that enters on a young colt, the crowds that praise him for the miracle of Lazarus’ raising, and the religious leader’s resentment toward him and his popularity even here in the Holy City. There is a surprising repetition in the remainder of the passage above: “glorify” (John 12:16, John 12:23, John 12:28). Coupled with this humble entry we have a picture of God who displays his glory in the most unexpected ways: suffering, humility, service, forgiveness, and grace.

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