Youth @ Mosaic!!

Mosaic is a community that is passionate about investing in young people!

We are blessed to have a vibrant community of youth, who love getting together to have fun and do life with each other.

We also have an amazing leadership team – people who are passionate about hanging out with youth and helping them explore how to live life to the full.

Weekly Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry exists to serve young people in variety of ways. We provide three different spaces for young people to get together with leaders and their peers, depending on where they are up to in life:

Epic Youth

This is where high school age youth come together in community to have stacks of fun and build great friendships.Image of Epic Youth logo

Every week is a bit different, but there is always a mix of games, great food, opportunities to chat about life with other people, and just hanging out with friends.

Along the way we provide opportunities to explore who Jesus is and how he can help us live life to the full!

Epic Youth meets 7pm-9pm on Friday nights at Mosaic’s Page Campus (during the middle eight weeks of school term).

Head to the Epic Youth Facebook Page and like us to keep up to date with what’s going on.


D Cells - Youth Small GroupsD-Cells

D-Cells are small groups for high school youth who want to dig deeper and explore their faith with others.

They are a great place for building close friendships and exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus by getting into the bible and talking and praying with others.

D-Cells meet on Sunday afternoons – contact Andy to find out more.


SenioImage of Senior Youth logor Youth is a Tuesday night youth program specifically for people in school years 11-13 (and first year university students), which has the key aim of bringing young people together in community and helping them explore various issues of life and faith.


Senior Youth normally meets on Tuesday evenings 7pm-9.30pm at someone’s home during school terms.

Regular cost is $3.00 per week to cover food (costs may vary for special events).


Looking for More?

As well as our weekly youth events, youth are welcome in all of our congregations. Our Sunday 6:00pm congregation at the Page Campus has a strong youth and young adult focus and many of the youth regularly participate there.

Mosaic Youth has a strong friendship with the youth groups from around the region including Hughes, Canberra and Cooma Baptist churches.

We often combine for special events like camps, snow trips and all night lock-ins.

Meet the Youth Pastor – Andrew Robb

Image of Andrew Robb

Andy likes chocolate and cheese (but not at the same time).

He drinks a bit too much coffee, uses Apple products, LOVEs motorbikes, and likes to think he’s still young enough to ride a longboard.

More than all this, he loves Jesus and is passionate about helping people to follow him and get the most out of life.

That’s probably because he also loves people. He loves spending time just chatting and having fun with friends.

Other than that he is a mechanic and a student, and he regularly goes into the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre to hang out with the guys and gals there.

Andy is married to Lisa and they have two wonderful kids (Emily and Tim), who sometimes appear at youth events.