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Andrew Robb - March 3, 2024


Reading: Joel 2:12-19 We know very little about the prophet Joel and there is debate about the time and circumstance surrounding this short prophecy. Joel moves effortlessly between talk of invading locusts and invading armies. To what extent is this a literal or metaphorical writing? In the absence of the capacity to locate the writing with historical certainty there is a certain timelessness to the book of Joel. It seems to have the capacity to find meaning in many contexts. Joel can certainly be read in light of any historical environmental crisis - including our own. In fact there is a distinct connection here between God’s anger, the capacity of the environment to sustain, and the grace of God demonstrated through the blessing of a fruitful land. As is characteristic of the prophets, there is a call to a return to God on a heart level - not simply a ritual level.

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